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Dizzy Pig BBQ

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The Dizzy Pig BBQ Company was formed because we felt there was a need and a place in the market for a line of unique and diverse products created with high quality, fresh, wholesome ingredients. Our goal was to offer fairly priced gourmet products, hand-blended and freshly packaged that even the best of cooks would reach for on a regular basis. Feedback and demand has proven that we are right on target with that goal.

In our 9th year of business, thousands of jars of fresh rub have been sold from the colorful Dizzy Pig website to every state in the USA, as well as most provinces in Canada and now in the EU. Additionally, we have an ever-growing network of retailers carrying Dizzy Pig products.


Response to the rubs has been nothing short of ‘dizzifying’! There are professional BBQ teams that use Dizzy Pig. There are more and more stores that carry Dizzy Pig. Tastebuds are being activated and invigorated by it. Ribbons are being won cooking with it. Restaurants are cooking with it. And every day more and more people are “Getting Spun”.